Church Family

Welcome to Arbuckle View Seventh-day Adventist Church!


At Arbuckle View, you're more than a member. You're family.  

Here you will find helpful information to help you get acquainted with our church, keep up to date with upcoming events, and more!


Sabbath School


Every Sabbath we have classes for kids, teens, and adults. Sabbath school starts at 10am and lasts until 11am. 

Our adult class is held in the sanctuary and the children and teens classes are held in the west wing of the church. 

Worship Service


God is amazing and we love to praise Him! Our worship service starts at 11:15am every Sabbath and lasts until about 12:30pm.

We sing hymns, have prayer, listen to a children's story and special music, and are blessed by a sermon given by one of our pastors, elders, or special speakers. Every Sabbath is a little different. 



We hold potlucks on the first and third Sabbath of every month (with a few exceptions for holidays or other special events) following worship service. So bring your favorite dish and a big appetite, because we have a lot of wonderful and skilled cooks who share their delicious creations every potluck.

If you're unable to bring something, join us anyway! We usually have more than enough food for everyone  and we would love your company!

Church Socials


One of the many ways we come together as a church family is through our church socials.

During the fall and winter months, we hold a church social each month with a different theme and set of activities. Each social begins with vespers and followed by a light potluck. Then we usually play games or do other fun activities. 

Everyone is welcome to attend our church socials and it is fun for all ages. It's also a great way to get to know our church family better in a relaxed, casual environment. 

Online Bible Study Resources


Amazing Facts 

These studies use science, history, and prophecy to demonstrate how we can trust the Bible and covers the Basic Bible truths, including Revelation.


Truth Link

This series covers all the Biblical truths, but from a love and Christ-centered perspective. 

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